My passion..

In the last two decades, I have conducted, 85 live workshops, 140 virtual workshops and have  more than1200 hours of coaching, to my credit.

Before I got here,

I worked with the United States Government for 14 years and then moved to the private sector where I served in leadership positions for 16 years. These 3 decades, gave me ample opportunities to travel across the globe, and work with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds and different walks of life.

  • Author of Amazon Best Seller - 'Weekend Miracle'
  • President and CEO - Rich Minds Centre of Excellence (
  • Co-Founder & Director - Teamedge Corporation (
  • Senior Member - USIIC - Facilitating US-India Trade
  • Alumnus of IIM's Lucknow
  • Certified NLP Practitioner - Richard Bandler's Program 

Milestones in my career

Guinness Book of World Record

My passion for running helped me successfully complete close to 50 half marathons. One such race was the Ultra Hill Marathon, which got my name into the Guinness book of world records. 

Bronze Medal at the 
Global Music Awards 

My maiden song, "Mind Body Affair" was awarded the Bronze Medal at the Global Music Awards under the 'Best Lyrics' category.

The Franklin Award 

The Franklin Award is named after Mr. Benjamin Franklin the founding father of the United States of America and is awarded for Superior Performance.

Welcome to Rich Minds Centre of Excellence

Capability v/s Capacity

A scientist who is on the path of invention, believes in his capacity to create something amazing and does not get limited by his capability.

A classic example was Thomas Edison - who invented the electric bulb. He failed a 1000 times, but did not get limited by his capability, rather he kept building his capability, because he knew he had the capacity to achieve something big.

Most people operate within their capabilities which is limited, rather than their capacity which is infinite.
It is purely a mindset.

More than 8,000 students have achieved breakthrough results by attending this program.

If you wish to be limitless and expand as per your capacity then,


Mr. Santosh Goenka
Executive Director
Business India Group

"I have attended Ravi's Life Mastery Workshop, and have to say that the life changing psychological techniques, which he teaches in this workshop, is just amazing.

These techniques are simple yet very powerful and helps to make a positive shift in your mind." 

Mr.Vinod Kamath
Managing Director
Arslan SRS India Pvt. Ltd.

"Irrespective of what stage of life you are in, you will find something of value in this amazing Life Mastery Workshop.  

I have seen Ravi shift the mindset of people, over just a five minute conversation."

Prof. Dr. V. H. Iyer - Dean
Welingkar Institute of Management. (WeSchool)

"Ravi is a commendable resource, as an external panelist for Management Development Centre of WeSchool.

He is a versatile corporate trainer and a good researcher, constantly learning and updating himself."

Before you plan your next corporate training, do watch this video.

Experiential Learning is the process of Learning by Doing.  

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